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Geoffrey Boycott defends MUTV interview answers after calling Man United’s season a ‘disappointment’

‘I don’t believe my answers were unfair’: Geoffrey Boycott bats off criticism of his awkward MUTV interview after calling Manchester United’s season a ‘disappointment’

  • Famous United fan Geoffrey Boycott has defended his MUTV interview remarks
  • Boycott caused hilarity by describing United’s season as a ‘disappointment’
  • He was interviewed by MUTV during United’s player of the year dinner 
  • The former England cricketer said he didn’t believe his comments were unfair

Geoffrey Boycott has defended his colourful MUTV interview, in which he called Manchester United’s season a ‘disappointment’, saying: ‘I don’t believe my answers were unfair’.

Famous United fan Boycott caused much hilarity online when he was interviewed by the club’s in-house TV channel while attending Thursday’s player of the year dinner.

Club TV channels seldom criticise their own, so when presenter Mark Sullivan asked Boycott what United meant to him, few expected the response the former England cricketer gave. 

Former England cricketer Geoffrey Boycott has dismissed criticism of his MUTV interview 

Boycott accused Ole Gunnar Solskjaer's players of letting themselves and the fans down

Boycott accused Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s players of letting themselves and the fans down 

‘Disappointment, more than anything,’ said Boycott of this season, before going on to critique a season which saw Ole Gunnar Solskjaer return to the club to replace Jose Mourinho as manager.

‘The football hasn’t been inspiring, if anything they’ve let themselves and the people that support them down.’

Keen to stay positive, Sullivan asked Boycott about a new era under Solskjaer, but the 78-year-old had another answer, saying: ‘He doesn’t have a record of experience’.

'The football hasn't been inspiring, if anything they've let themselves down,' Boycott said

‘The football hasn’t been inspiring, if anything they’ve let themselves down,’ Boycott said

Boycott’s candour won a lot of plaudits from United fans, but annoyed at how his comments have been reported in some sections, he Tweeted on Saturday to say: ‘When MUTV requested an interview at the Player of the Year Awards I don’t believe my answers were untrue or unfair.

‘The newspaper headlines are at it again making out I slagged people off. Please listen to the whole interview & not just the comments in certain newspapers.

‘I have supported our Club for 55 years & I was delighted to be a guest at the POTY Awards but I won’t lie about this year’s football. I have loved @ManUtd through good and bad times, and will continue to but I don’t look at everything through red coloured spectacles!’


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