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Elvis ‘spotted’ as Mayor says The King ‘is alive’ in unearthed Graceland clip

Elvis Presley has been “spotted” in another alleged sighting of The King at his old Graceland mansion, according to truly outrageous claims from conspiracy theorists.

The legendary singer – who died in 1977 – would have celebrated his 85th birthday today.

But despite the overwhelming evidence of his death, there are some who sensationally believe The King is still alive.

And, on his birthday, footage has resurfaced from 2016 bizarrely claiming to show Elvis alive and well at Graceland.

In the video, the then-Shelby County Mayor Mark Luttrel Jr can be heard proclaiming to the crowd: “Elvis is alive and well.”

A woman turns to the man wearing red after the mayor says ‘Elvis is alive’

Although it seems the mayor means that “Elvis is alive” in spirit, because his music endures long after his death, conspiracy theorists claim the phrase made a certain attendee look very uncomfortable.

The alleged Elvis lookalike, wearing a red coat, can be seen to stare straight ahead before a woman then turns around and looks at him, holding onto his arm.

After watching the footage, a conspiracy theorist wrote: “Elvis is alive, I believe, Elvis is in the back.”

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‘Elvis alive’ theories

Commenting on the same thread, a second believer excitedly claimed the man looked “uncomfortable”, writing: “The man in red is Elvis!

“As soon as the phrase Elvis is alive was uttered the lady next to Elvis grabbed his arm and started laughing and he looked uncomfortable.

“He knows who he is!”

Others simply wrote Elvis was “alive”

Elvis Presley would be celebrating his 85th birthday today, January 8, if he was still alive.

The man is said to 'look uncomfortable' as the woman touches his shoulder
The man is said to ‘look uncomfortable’ as the woman touches his shoulder

The Heartbreak Hotel and Jailhouse Rock crooner came to an untimely end at the age of just 42 after suffering a massive heart attack on August 16 in 1977.

This comes after conspiracy theorists found six other “sightings” of Elvis Presley alive and well ahead of his 85th birthday celebrations today.

Last year, it was also suggested by a conspiracy theorist that Elvis’ doctor George C Nichopoulos helped the superstar fake his death so he could escape the pressures of fame.

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