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‘Cursed’ ventriloquist doll found dumped in river burned by terrified neighbours

This sinister human-sized ventriloquist doll was mistaken for a dead body when it was hauled out of a river by villagers in Mexico who were so creeped-out that they decided to burn it.

Unfortunately, the doll – found wrapped in a blanket in the small town of San Antonio La Esperanza – wouldn’t burn and so the community decided it was “cursed”.

In a video, the doll is seen lying on the earth with one eye blackened and burned but the other bright blue and staring.

Its hinged jaw gives the doll a creepy and scarred appearance – adding to the air of uneasiness it radiates.

This human-sized ventriloquist doll had to be burned several times

The human-shaped dummy was initially mistaken for a dead body but, luckily, it soon became apparent it wasn’t real when it was unwrapped from the shawl.

However, it remains a mystery as to who the previous owner of the spooky mannequin was and why this person went to such great lengths to dispose of it in such a strange way.

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After several attempts, the villagers finally managed to burn it, local media reports.

The story has since reached Oscar-winning film director Guillermo del Toro, best known for making dark fantasy movies like The Shape of Water and Pan’s Labyrinth, who retweeted several photos of the scary doll.

Local journalist Cesar Buenrostro disputed the idea of a supernatural presence and claimed locals had failed to burn the doll at the first attempt because it was damp.

The creepy dummy was burned next to the river it was found in
The creepy dummy was burned next to the river it was found in

Once it had dried, they found it easier to set it alight, he said.

Buenrostro and a YouTube journalist known as “Oxlack Investigador” visited the man who made the doll, called Julio, who said he sold it on years ago but couldn’t remember who had bought it.

According to Julio, the doll was made with an epoxy resin that is difficult to burn.

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