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ABC World News – EDAR Video

ABC's Brian Rooney reports on EDAR (Everyone Deserves A Roof. EDAR is a 501(c)(3) charity that provides unique mobile shelters to those living on...

Swinson: Results will bring dread and dismay – BBC News

Lib Dem leader Jo Swinson voice cracks when she thanks her family - including her husband and two sons. She says "some will be...

Bihar and Uttar Pradesh: Floods bring chaos – BBC News

More than 100 people have died due to flooding caused by heavy rains in the Indian states of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar, officials have...

Aerosmith in Las Vegas

Various clips from the show on July 4, 2019. Check out more on YouTube!

Conneaut Lake Park Photos

Conneaut Lake Park Photos 2018. Check out more on YouTube!

Infopro Goes to Germany 7!

Welcome to Europa Park edition! Check out more on YouTube!

Sebastian Bach Cemetery Gates Pittsburgh 2018

Sebastian Bach has sold in excess of 20 Million Records Worldwide as lead singer with his former band SKID ROW and as a solo...

The CloudFest Ambassador

The CloudFest Ambassador photos - 2018. It was indeed an honor to meet with everyone that day! Check out more on YouTube!

Rheinstein Castle, Germany

The Rheinstein Castle (German: Burg Rheinstein) is a castle near the town of Trechtingshausen in Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany. Check out more on YouTube!

All Aboard the EP Express!

Nice, quiet ride thru Thomas Mack's back yard. Check out more on YouTube!

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Coronavirus pandemic could inflict long-lasting emotional trauma, PTSD

Health care professionals take a break awaiting patients as they test for COVID-19 at the ProHEALTH testing site in Jericho, New York, March 24,...

PS4 games warning: FINAL weekend to play PlayStation exclusive on PSN | Gaming | Entertainment

PS4 users are being warned that time is running out to play a big PlayStation exclusive on PSN. The PS4 is the second best...

Trump told Pence not to call Washington, Michigan governors

President Donald Trump said Friday that he instructed Vice President Mike Pence not to reach out to governors who aren't "appreciative" of his administration's...

Utah governor tells people to stay home to combat COVID-19

SALT LAKE CITY (AP) - Utah Gov. Gary Hebert issued a stay-home directive Friday as the state works to curb the spread...