Ghosts of California


There is another dimension to California…one where ghosts walk and hauntings occur. “Ghosts of California” investigates five of California’s most haunted sites: THE WINCHESTER MYSTERY HOUSE – This house was the life-long obsession of Sarah Winchester, sole heir to the Winchester rifle fortune. Channeled by the spirits who pursued her, she oversaw its never-ending construction until her death, and some say she remains there still. ALCATRAZ – Tour the infamous prison that once held our worst criminals, where the ghosts of the dead are forever incarcerated. BODIE GHOST TOWN – Visit the god-forsaken ghost town where restless spirits haunt the cemetery and roam abandoned buildings. It was the most dangerous place to live, a lonely place to die. HOTEL DEL CORONADO – Dare to stay the night in Kate Morganʼs room? Did the beautiful stranger commit suicide, or was it murder? Only her ghost knows for sure. THE WHALEY HOUSE – Meet the ghostly family that inhabits one of the worldʼs most haunted houses and the man who talks with them regularly.



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